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LETTER: Call vandalism for what it is

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I've recently read the article, "Kids being kids" playing Halloween tricks in Souris (10 fire hydrants opened). I was very disappointed in reading this article. It makes me wonder where the line is between a trick and vandalism on Halloween night.

Kids being kids - I hate this saying when it comes to things like this. I've been the target for these kids for the last three years and it’s not a joking matter. I've been egged repeatedly, had my cars spray-painted and tires slashed. This is not kids being kids.

Kids being kids is where youngster go up to your door dressed as their favourite super hero or monster or zombie looking for treats.

It makes me so angry when I hear someone say kids being kids after something like this.

This is vandalism, plain and simple. If these things were done any other night, that's what it would be called.

It's time parents start take responsibility for their kids’ actions on Halloween. I know my kids will be held accountable if they even thought of pulling any of these stunts.

Curtis Laybolt,


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