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LETTER: Cable providers should offer Fox

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For a couple of years now I have been watching and listening to the mainstream media in the United States. It took some time but I finally came to realize that they were extremely biased toward the left. The essence of this letter has to do with information coming from the news sources that are supplied by both Bell Aliant and EastLink in this area.

I use East Link in a bundle (Value Pak 2) and I swapped channels to get Fox News. If you have Fibe internet (Bell Aliant) you will have to pay about an extra $50 a year to get it. CNN, MSNBC etc. were originally included in my bundle. The same goes for Bell Aliant.

What I have learned is certain U. S. mainstream media have been working with the deep state to delegitimize the current U. S. government for some time now. Except for news covering weather and other disasters, CNN, MSNBC, etc. are pathetic and politically biased. The antidote for this, as I found out, is Fox News. You need to compare and make up your own mind.

I am requesting both Bell Aliant and East Link to combine Fox News with any bundle they sell that includes CNN, MSNBC, etc. so that the viewers can come to an unbiased and informed decision regarding the real news from the South. Don’t continue to program your customers.

David C. Campbell,


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