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LETTER: Byelection test for PR support

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When Premier Wade MacLauchlan asked Islanders what kind of reformed election system they wanted, near 70 per cent of the voters in District 11 voted for proportional representation. It will be interesting to see what those voters are going to do now? Proportional representation is clearly of no interest to the premier, so I hope those 70 percent chose to express their choice in the byelection.

Traditional Liberal and Conservative who wanted proportional representation might wish to express their views on electoral reform by voting either Green or NDP, the only parties in favour of PR, knowing that such a vote is not going to change the current government.

However, a vote for the Green or NDP party will send a strong message that Islanders do want change.

Personally I think a vote for the Green party is best, as they already have superior leader in the house and a second MLA would be really helpful.

Ole Hammarlund,


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