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LETTER: Bush Dumville advises voters to choose Ind. not MMP

The way a ballot would look under Mixed Member Proportional 
The way a ballot would look under Mixed Member Proportional 

I am writing in regard to Gerard Mitchell's letter to the editor on Feb 2, 2019 explaining the Mixed Member Proportional voting system.

The explanation would almost give one a headache trying to understand it, let alone putting it into practice. MMP is not the best way to reform our provincial political system. Electing independent consensus candidates to the legislature in a municipal-style form of government is better way for your voice to be heard.

An independent candidate is the voter’s candidate — not a proxy party candidate controlled by the political back rooms. Consider the million-dollar campaigns and $1,000 dinners to perpetuate the massive wealth benefits for the privileged few. Such campaign spending exposes the seriousness of how high the financial stakes really are and the benefits to their supporters are enormous. Their need to win is paramount!

Together, let's not let this happen. Send a message to Premier MacLauchlan and his back room.

Bush Dumville

MLA District 15 West Royalty-Springvale.

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