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LETTER: Breaking the cycle of family violence

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Violence prevention is everyone’s responsibility. As a member of P.E.I. Man Up, it has been our goal to stop violence against women in our community. We are trying to break the cycle of family violence through prevention and education. We work with the community to identify opportunities for change; we have led a public discussion on bystander intervention for sexual assault prevention and we are supporting Women’s Network on their project to foster Healthy Masculinity. Healthy Masculinity is a timely topic to discuss in the classroom with both boys and girls. Most young people do not know what masculinity means or stereotypically associate it with only negative attributes, but there is a positive side to masculinity that is not talked about in our community, like supporting your partner, nurturing your kids, or speaking out when you see something wrong. These are the foundations of what it means to be a positive male role model, someone that leads from behind and puts family and others first. This is what young people need to see in our society. Respecting others is the foundation that helps us on the path towards an inclusive society. 

Cody Clinton is a member of P.E.I. Man Up

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