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LETTER: Blatant abuse of office space

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Once again the proper functioning of our parliamentary system has been derailed in order to advance the interests of the political parties.

In the article, “Lack of Green Space,” in The Guardian of March 4, we learn that office space in the Coles Building, currently the home of the provincial legislature, is allocated according to the standing of the political parties in the Assembly. Consequently, provision is made for housing the Government Caucus and the Caucus of the Official Opposition and each has been assigned a separate floor of the building – leaving no room for other MLAs.

What possible justification can be offered for such blatant abuse of this public space and public funds for the benefit of partisan convenience - all the while at the expense of the effective functioning of our elected representatives?

One assumes that these offices in the Legislature building are made available as facilities for MLAs to carry out their very important responsibilities – to prepare legislation and to represent the people in their respective ridings. If that is the case, then why is office space not provided for each MLA regardless of political affiliation - and thereby for each electoral district of the province?

Maybe the Speaker, whose duties involve protecting the rights and privileges of the members, can take on the task of assigning offices for each MLA to carry out their work.

Philip Macdonald,


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