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LETTER: Big polluters must take action

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Re: Urgent need for carbon action, The Guardian, Oct. 6 by Phillip Griffin. He repeats falsehoods prevalent across the land in the selling of renewable sources of energy. One leading obfuscation is repeated in Griffin’s letter “Wind, solar and storage technologies are plummeting in price.” If that statement holds water, perhaps Mr. Griffin can explain why in July 2018, while my wife and I were a thousand miles away, we were billed $140.41 cents, to keep a fridge, small freezer and porch light with a 7-watt bulb running.

That’s a massive increase from what we paid two years ago. That charge represented the cost of this utility in the middle of summer, we shudder to think what it will be in February. Perhaps technology costs are plummeting, but let’s be cautioned against buying the fable that costs at the consumer level will plummet in concert. Existing alterative renewable energy sources are prohibitively expensive to implement, to maintain and replace as machinery wears out.

Wise consumers should know they’ll continue to be taken for a ride, despite the fact every single peer reviewed study shows that all of Canada’s carbon dioxide emissions from consumption of energy is less than three per cent of the world’s total. Japan’s is four per cent, USA – 17 per cent and China’s a disgusting 27 per cent. There’s no saving this planet without a lot of help from the big polluters.

Alvin W. Shier,

Lethbridge, Alta

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