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LETTER: Big enough to effect change

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The old adage “if you’re not part of the solution, you are part of the problem” is ringing more and more true these days. Amid a firestorm of discussions about ways to change the trajectory of global warming, I have come across many who say things like: “P.E.I. is so small, we won’t make any notable impact” and “I am only one person, it’s on governments and corporations to make this right.” While I agree that it is most certainly up to governments and corporations to change, it’s citizens who dictate changes by advocating for them every chance we get.

We can do it in many ways, including voting for people who are taking actions to fight climate change, contacting your local municipal, provincial and federal representatives to urge them to take immediate action, and getting involved in groups and movements that are making change happen.

There are also a multitude of small things that we could change, but sadly, many are content either to not think about it at all, or to believe it is up to someone else to take charge. News flash – it is up to us. Stop using drive-thrus, put a no flyer notice on your mailbox, lower your energy consumption by using transit, walk or cycle when you can, support renewable energy initiatives and for God’s sake, put on a sweater, rather than turning up your thermostat.

It is this attitude of not being big enough to make a difference that fuels the entire problem.

Joan Diamond

New Dominion

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