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LETTER: Beer in stores normalizes issue

Letters to the editor
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I find it amusing there are fewer and fewer places on P.E.I. that you can go to without some form of liquor being sold. The interesting part about the kiosk in the Superstore is the connection between the Liberal government and the Murphys.

When a barber made a request to sell beer in his shop, he was refused. Maybe because he wasn't selling the right brand of beer or voting for the wrong party? You can't take your kids into certain gas stations unless they are standing behind people clutching their favorite beverages, even when the liquor store is closed.

Now you take your kid's to a grocery store, and not only can adults purchase Gahan beer, they can even sample it. Why not sell Gahan beer in the emergency waiting rooms across the Island. Also, a keg of beer (Gahan) would be nice for patients in the back of an ambulance to take their mind off their issues. I am only using Gahan, since they are currently the only ones allowed to sell privately here on the Island. Maybe the other brewers never thought of this idea or are not Liberal donation givers.

All joking aside, alcoholism is a major problem here on P.E.I. People are all worried about pot being legalized, yet nothing has caused more social problems than alcohol. Drinking liquor here is as common as heading down to Tim's for a coffee. It is normalized, and this just makes it more apparent.

Gordon Gay,


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