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LETTER: Basic income solves problems

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In answer to Lloyd Bryenton’s letter in Saturday's Guardian, thank you. I agree that name calling and disrespectful comments to our Premier should not be part of any campaign or conversation. Although I do not agree with everything he does or says, Wade MacLauchlan is our Premier and I try to respect that.

In another article, it states that under Premier MacLauchlan’s leadership, we have a $75 million budget surplus. Now, before all you politicians think about getting another raise, I would like to make a suggestion on where this money could go.

On another page, you have the story about a single mom struggling with addictions. Over the years I have also read stories of people stealing food to feed their children and being charged for it. My suggestion for all this surplus money would be a basic personal income for Islanders who have to resort to stealing to feed their children.

It is obvious from the bragging in the newspapers that we can afford it. This basic income would solve a lot of problems in our society and give people their dignity. When people are given a chance, they often find a way to make a living and make a real difference in their communities.

Anne Gallant,


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