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LETTER: Amalgamation new buzz word

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Your recent editorial “Ignoring the vote” discusses the amalgamation of rural P.E.I. communities, a process I assume you support, with the last sentence being “. the province will need to make hard decisions if it wants amalgamation in Three Rivers and various other areas across this over-governed province.”

You are correct. We are way over-governed on PEI. If the province is serious about making those ‘hard decisions’, it needs to look at amalgamating Charlottetown, Stratford and Cornwall.

We can’t afford these three little kingdoms any longer. Make it one city. It worked in the Halifax Regional Municipality and it’s working in the Cape Breton regional municipality. People suggested amalgamation to Charlottetown for decades but the city turned its back. That is, until they were landlocked and the tax base was stagnant. Then they annexed (sorry, amalgamated with) Sherwood, Parkdale, East and West Royalty and Winsloe.

I know those in power will cringe at my idea, but this is getting ridiculous. We can’t afford this amount of governance and the taxes that go with it any longer. The new mayor can be picked from the three existing ones with the toss of a coin. That was good enough for the P.E.I. Legislature.

Lloyd Kerry,


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