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LETTER: Act of kindness for war veteran

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This old submariner has attended more Remembrance Day ceremonies than he cares to remember. However, Remembrance Day, Nov. 11, 2017 will forever hold a place of special importance in my memory.

Along with my wife Linda, and our best friends Jan and Carl, we attended the ceremony at Credit Union Place in Summerside. After the parade we enjoyed a pleasant lunch at the Local 311 restaurant. Imagine my surprise when we went to the counter to pay and be informed that a lady who wished to remain anonymous had already paid for our meals.

More than being very pleasantly surprised, I found myself on the brink of tears, so moved by this amazingly kind and generous act of appreciation and gratitude. How I would have liked to thank this wonderful lady in person, I’m sure I would have given her a big hug.

Alas that wasn’t possible so I write this letter in the sincere hope she will read it. You made this day so much more special. May God bless and keep you safe always.

F. Ben Rodgers,

Lt. RN/RCN Ret.,

Abram Village

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