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LETTER: Accusations warranted

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Please allow me to comment on Richard Deaton’s guest opinion (The Guardian, Wednesday, Feb. 7, 2018).

In effect, Dr. Deaton took many of us to task for our intolerant, racist, and un-Christian views and actions. The sad truth is that his accusations are, in many cases, warranted. Furthermore, one does not have to travel to the Tignish area to find that the shoe fits too many of us.

Often when witnessing displays of intolerant behaviour, it is easy and more convenient to turn away and adopt the attitude of, “it’s no concern of mine.” It would be easier still to brush off Dr. Deaton’s accusations as exaggerated, but, let’s be open to the facts. Yes, too many of us are guilty and deep down, we know this to be true. A long look in the mirror might be a good start.

Over the past two years, we’ve seen some great examples of Islanders reaching out to welcome immigrants, and, some truly fine work has been accomplished by sponsoring groups. We should celebrate those efforts.

However, the Tignish debacle underscores the need for improved tolerance and respect for all forms of diversity.

John Bradley,

St. Patrick’s Road

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