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LETTER: A total ban in public places

Prince County Hospital in Summerside.
Prince County Hospital in Summerside. -The Journal Pioneer

I agree with the Canadian Cancer Society to ban smoking and vaping for outdoor spaces. The ban would include outdoor sporting facilities, events, outdoor patios and beaches.

I emailed the Premier's office and complained about smokers smoking outside the Prince County Hospital and re-entering the hospital emergency subjecting people to their second hand cigarette smoke. I wanted the proper inspectors to investigate and then close the Prince County Hospital Emergency. I want the province to ban smokers smoking and then re-entering hospitals and health clinics. The province can't force non-smokers and children to be subject to second hand smoke of smokers.

I opposed the removal of addictions from Summerside to Mount Herbert years ago. I went before a government committee and argued for a youth addiction facility. I went before a government committee and demanded the removal of nicotine and carcinogens from cigarettes.

I fully support a cessation program free for smokers. I not only call for a total ban in public places, I call for the federal and provincial governments to ban the sale of all tobacco products including e-cigarettes and vaping products.

John W.A. Curtis,

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