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LETTER: A real vote for PR option

Letters to the Editor.
Letters to the Editor. - SaltWire Network

In Monday’s byelection, it is clear that support for both third parties is alive and well in District 11. As someone who has previously supported both parties with a vote, I would like to make a case for all folks within District 11 who voted for/support PR to vote for Mike Redmond and the NDP.

Debating the merits of each candidate, who we think will work harder, which issues each will bring, what part of society they each represent and who is left out of the conversation are issues that will always exist.

The issue of Proportional Representation however is one we cannot afford to let government ignore. It is a conversation we deserve to have and the time to have it is now. 

For me, an NDP vote is as clear a message as we could possibly send to our premier that our votes for PR during the plebiscite should have been respected and honored. When we voted for PR we were saying that we believed it was time for all parties to come to the table, time for all voices to be represented within the legislature, time for us all to work together to move our little Island forward.

Everyone wants their own vote to count. To make a difference, we have to want the votes other people cast, to count as well. That’s what a vote for PR means. It’s time to send the strongest message we can that we believe all votes should count.


Gail Rhyno, District 11

Upper Prince Street,


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