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LETTER: A question for our MPs

Letters to the editor
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Thank you once again, Kevin J. Arsenault, for your article pointing out the latest assault on freedom of conscience and religious rights, courtesy of our young Prime Minister and those who just 'go along' with him (Guardian, Dec. 20, Imposing the PM’s liberal ideology). When groups are disqualified from government funding, specifically because of their religious beliefs, is that not discrimination?

Under this new criteria laid out by Trudeau’s Liberals for the 2018 Canada Summer Jobs Program, numerous organizations like Salvation Army and Samaritan’s Purse could be rendered ineligible for funding that, up to now, they depended on to carry out their mission of good works. And many, if not most, refugee sponsorship programs are carried out by church groups.

So now, those religious convictions that inspire Canadians to reach out and help their less fortunate neighbors are the same convictions that will render them ineligible in the eyes of Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government.

Mr. MacAulay, Mr. Morrison, Mr. Casey and Mr. Easter, are you all 'going along' with this too?

Liz MacDonald,

Blooming Point

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