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LETTER: A good month to celebrate

Letters to the editor
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Imagine having 2 billion fans and 100 million books published about you every year. This man is the greatest superstar the world has ever seen.

Every December much of the world pauses to reflect on the birth of Jesus Christ. Even in China there are over 100 million people of the Christian faith with 12 million a year being added to that list.

This past November at the Eastlink Centre in Charlottetown thousands of people attended the Billy Graham Association "Celebration of Hope." Hundreds of new people became Christians that weekend.

A few days later the Gideon's in P.E.I. raised enough money to purchase nearly 20 thousand bibles, which were taken as soon as they were printed. Yes, December is a good month to celebrate the birth of God's child.

Merry Christmas everyone.

John Brewer,


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