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LETTER: A diamond in the rough

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In today’s pace of instant gratification and centralization of services, we need to be aware of what we have before we lose it and it is too late.

I am speaking with regards to KCMH (Kings County Memorial Hospital) in Montague. On the early morning of December 31, 2017 I had to go to the emergency department having labored breathing (diagnosed with pneumonia), 3 days in emergency and 6 days on the ward.

The professional way that I was dealt with was as good or better than I have received from being in other hospitals across Canada and USA. The medical staff, doctors and nurses, food services staff, cleaning staff and maintenance staff addressed all my needs to the fullest. They were questioning if my needs were met or if I needed more.

The local people need to be aware of what they have and governments can take a lesson from the way KCMH handles and treats its patients. All the staff works as a well-oiled unit. They all support each other to the fullest with the patients reaping the benefits.

Being born on P.E.I. and living half my life off-Island, I could never be more proud of the care and the staff of KCMH.

Please spread the word of this diamond in the rough to your neighbors, local, municipal, provincial and federal elected representatives.

We cannot afford to lose it. Become a voice for KCMH and its staff. We will be the losers if we don’t speak up.

Wayne MacLeod,

Murray River

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