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LETTER: A clarification on lobster prices

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In reference to the recent Journal Pioneer / Guardian article on the fall lobster season, there were several statements contained in the article that requires additional clarification around the prices paid to Prince Edward Island harvesters.

In the article, an impression was created that I was suggesting that prices paid in the spring lobster season were too high and not warranted. This was not the intent of my comments as they were made in the context of several other factors.

These factors included the U.S exchange rate and a change in the marketplace.

Despite the recent strengthening of the Canadian dollar this did not warrant a shore price drop of $2 per pound versus the prices paid in the 2016 fall fishery.

P.E.I. harvesters in LFA 25 were expecting more than the $4 and $4.50 per pound that most fishers received throughout the season.

Since the conclusion of the fall season, New Brunswick harvesters have received price adjustments for their catches. These adjustments have increased their prices to $4.60 and $5.10 for market lobsters.

The fishers of LFA 25 are currently waiting for their buyers to do the same.

Lee Knox, President,

Prince County Fishermen’s Association

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