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LETTER: A challenge paid dividends

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Hannah Bell’s appeal to the bravery of District 11 voters paid off in spades. She was clearly the candidate who came across door-to-door as more than conventionally political. She challenged voters to think beyond the manoeuverings of politics-as-usual operatives. I think it safe to say the outcome speaks for itself.

It could of course be argued that the Greens currently benefit from being perceived not so much as a “party” but rather as a “movement.” In this, they could be said to have a “pure-as-driven-snow” aspect to them which finds a resonance among those ready to give something different a chance.

The issue of party-based proportional representation aside, the next election could well hinge upon which party can field the most resonant and compelling set of individual candidates. In the bargain, the voting public might even wind up with a move direct form of representation than they’ve ever had.

Let’s hope so.

W. Gordon Worth,


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