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LETTER: Perspectives of a minority

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Since we can all remember, we have been taught to stand up and fight for what we believe in. But the moment NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick followed through with this, he was criticized and called unpatriotic.

Donald Trump has been making statements to the media, stating that athletes should stand to pay tribute to the flag during the anthem. It is absolutely ludicrous that they are being disrespected when the rest of the world fails to respect their race and culture - causing this protest.

If the first amendment declares that Americans are granted the freedom of speech and expression, then why are people fighting against this? People who are condemning this situation believe it is disrespectful to troops. It is thanks to the American troops that these individuals are able to express their views.

These athletes are using their power and fame to speak for those who cannot be heard, doing no harm to anyone else. No one ever raises any concern when a single, powerless individual raises his or her voice, but the minute it becomes a public spectacle because someone in a position of authority decided to try and make a change, there is outrage.

Let them stand up for their own beliefs. Nobody ever said that we all have to think the same way. Professional athletes are showing their solidarity and the world seems to be against them. Why? Simply because even in the 21st century, some are unable to acknowledge and respect the perspectives of a minority.

Kathryn Gallant,


UPEI Student

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