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LETTER: Byelection offers female choices

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As a resident of Charlottetown-Parkdale riding, I was pleased to see that four of seven party nominees in the upcoming byelection were women. Even after each party has chosen its candidate, 50 per cent of those campaigning for the seat remain women. How refreshing.

Females comprise just over 50 per cent of Canada's population and approximately 51 per cent of P.E.I.'s; however, represent only 27 per cent of MPs in Canada and less than 15 per cent of P.E.I.'s MLAs.

I was most pleased to see Melissa Hilton, someone with significant public service experience, throw her hat into the ring. She has proven ability to serve her constituents as evidenced by her successful terms in municipal office. Anyone who can serve for 12 years without a blemish is worthy of mention and should be taken very seriously as a political candidate.

Hannah Bell, another highly qualified candidate, has also stepped up for the Green party. Although I am unfamiliar with this candidate, her resume is impressive. This lady is a tireless champion of women in business and her education and experience is exactly what you'd want in an MLA.

Unfortunately, the Liberal Party opted not to support its female nominee. How interesting the race would have been with 75 per cent female representation.

I hope, as the Charlottetown-Parkdale constituents head to the polls, they will consider supporting these highly qualified women. It would be nice to see us tip the scale, if only slightly, towards balancing female representation in politics.

Anita McCabe,

Parkdale resident

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