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J. BRUCE MACISAAC: Tokens, crowns, hills and real deal

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Observer offers ‘in-depth’ observations of District 11 byelection candidates, parties

I have been observing the byelection in District 11 with interest and I want to share my findings.

First, these facts are not ranked by my party affiliations. We have seen the parties try to promote their candidates with signs, radio, social media, debates and last but not least, gossip, lies and rumors. My in-depth observations of the candidates and parties to date, has led me to these facts.

Let’s begin with the NDP and their chosen person, Mike Redmond. Mike has ran more times with such determination and conviction for office, I think he should at least be given an award as a token of appreciation by his party, for taking one for the team over and over. I think he is a nice guy too.

Next is the PC's and their appointed one, Ms. Hilton. She was the best choice for the party. In her speech during its nomination, she pointed out her qualifications so well and so often I can clearly see she committed a coup d’état and crowned herself.

She has clearly shown her involvement of so many people in her campaign, i.e. James Aylward and his friends at the romper room with their drawings on Ms. Hilton's signs asking some guy called Wade for help.

Then, there is the offspring party from the NDP called the Greens. They have chosen a person by the name Hannah Bell to lead them out of the hills in Bonshaw with the help of the Bonshaw Mafia and Pete Bevan-Baker.

I listened to her at a forum attended by all candidates about all the things she has done in planning. After this election, maybe Pete will give her a job in his office as a planner.

The Liberals picked their candidate after much discussion from within the party as to who was the chosen one by the backroom of the party. The rumor turned out to be false. The other parties, probably started that one. The vote was taken and Bob Doiron was chosen to represent the Liberals. Bob, as I have heard from so many people, is a hard working, humble and a trustworthy guy. I have had the opportunity to meet Bob and they are right. He is the real deal.

I hope that I have been able to put things in proper perspective so the voters in District 11 will be able to make an informed decision when they go to the polls on Nov. 27.

- J. Bruce MacIsaac of Charlottetown is a P.E.I. businessman and longtime political observer

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