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LETTER: Students slipping through cracks

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Island schools need more counsellors because of the increase of mental health issues facing students today. I believe that if we do not address this, these issues will continue to increase.

If we know that students are struggling, why aren't we giving them the resources that they need? If there was a school counsellor available every day at all P.E.I. schools, students would have access to mental health help. Last year in P.E.I., an estimated 1,200 mental health cases were reported with children under 17. These are only cases that are reported.

With counsellors in the schools, they will not have the pressure to come out to their parents or guardians and ask for help, which may be very difficult for some teens. They will have the help right in the schools and not need to look elsewhere for support. This will decrease the numbers of students that struggle silently because students will have the help right at their fingertips and feel that they have someone to help them at any time. We need teachers trained in this area to help students.

If a student was visibly injured, any teacher would be ready to help them. With a mental issue, you cannot visibly see it, but it is just as bad or worse. We know students are struggling with many different illnesses in schools around P.E.I. Why aren't we doing anything?


Mallory Harris,

Souris Regional School

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