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LETTER: Speed bumps are simply that

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Speed bumps are upside-down potholes? Seriously? If they were, they would have vertical sides like a real pothole does, not smooth curved edges. That’s about as silly as watching drivers avoid speed bumps in front of the cineplex at the mall.

I followed two vehicles there the other day. The first one was a taxi; he pulled totally off the driving lane and drove through some disabled parking spots. The car behind him passed the taxi (probably thought he was parking). The taxi pulled by on to the road in front of me, shaking his, er, fist at the driver who passed him.

I live on a street that has both an elementary school and a playground. The playground is used all year round. Drivers used to drive 50 km/h down the street. Some residents lobbied the city for speed bumps and were successful. This has slowed traffic down considerably. I don’t see a better, more common solution in sight.

Don’t like our upside-down potholes? Take another street. We have lots.

Lloyd Kerry,


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