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LETTER: Roundabout not needed

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We question the need for a roundabout proposed for the intersection of the Newton and Scales Pond roads, and we oppose this reckless waste of tax dollars.

If Transportation Minister Paula Biggar wants to prevent tragedies at that corner, why not immediately install transverse rumble strips on the approaches to the intersection? That traffic control method is working very well at other much busier intersections such as the Colville Road and Kingston Road near Bluefield High School, is it not?
As usual, we the citizens and taxpayers are given little information​ by which​ to understand government decisions such as this one​, and only offered a public information meeting after the construction contract has been signed. This procedure hints at some hidden reasons to speed along the decision.

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And it highlights the need for​ public exposure and discussion of the tendering and contract process, especially for these high-cost government projects.

​The Guardian and other public media ​could assist by investigating

what ​is being done in this regard, for example by P.E.I.'s auditor general.

Trying to justify expensive construction projects by raising vague safety concerns was wrong in the past and is still wrong today.

​The minister should cancel the tender ​and share publicly all information relating to this project.

Tony Reddin,

Marion Copleston,

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