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LETTER: Playing with food proving popular

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Recently, I read a news report about fruit and veggie artist

Lauren Ho who brings new meaning to the phrase ‘playing with your food.’ The Vancouver artist takes us along those steps and food list. I like this type of article very much, and I tried to follow all the steps in the article. I think that is the very interesting experiment.

Endlessly moving your food around on your plate with your bare hands is anathema to parents everywhere, but not for artist Lauren Ho. She can skillfully combine fruits and vegetables with art.

At first, Lauren Ho was inspired by food trucks. She began studying how to operate and design. Then, she carefully selected the ingredients and, turned the fragmented food into different styles, such as animals, plants and beautiful landscapes.

The article is very well written, and it is very short, helping us to understand. On the homepage, the video has many positive options. Firstly, it can help us to understand the article content. In addition, we can watch Lauren Ho’s creative work.

Overall, Lauren Ho’s idea is perfect. If people like the design, people can try it at home. I like this creative work very much and hope there will be more such articles.

ZhuQing Fan,

UPEI student

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