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LETTER: Pat on back vs. taxation

Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor

I think it is high time that our politicians both federally and provincially used some common sense. If they were to learn a few basic facts of our great country and its citizens they may wake up to the realization that the people should receive a pat on the back instead of yet another tax.

1. Canada is the second largest county on the planet. 2. Canada is the fifth coldest country on the planet. 3. Canada has a small population spread over its huge land base, which makes mass transit unrealistic outside of major cities. 4.Even with the tar sands project, Canada is responsible for less than 2 per cent of world-wide carbon emissions.

The Prime Minister has given the go ahead to open up the tar sands pipeline stating the world will still function on carbon fuels for the next seven or eight decades. So the tax will be here to stay. It is purely a tax grab, for no good reason.

I call on the prime minister and the premiers to do the right thing for once. Thank Canadian's for being responsible global citizens. Taxation is not the way to thank people for being good to the planet.

Paul Smitz,

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