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LETTER: Nunavut style offers solution

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Mr. Aylward’s ‘Rock the cradle’ article in The Guardian was right on the money. The Nunavut style of government is exactly the style of governance we need and deserve here in P.E.I.

I have been a strong believer of ‘party-free’ politics for over 40 years. The Nunavut style, as outlined by Mr. Aylward, is the solution to P.E.I.’s long-standing problems of party politics. Remember Polar Foods? Golf courses? E-gaming? The list goes on. They were, and are, created by party politics.

The abrupt disappearance of Wes Sheridan, Robert Ghiz, et al. with the e-gaming fiasco was driven by party politics. And how about the candidates elected to run in a district, but cannot because they can’t get the blessing of the party leader.

A year ago, I wrote the Liberal Party of P.E.I. and asked them whether they set policy for the leader, or vice versa. If and when they answer that letter I will gladly forward the results to you, but don’t hold your breath.

We are the Birthplace of Confederation, and as such, we owe it to the rest of Canada to show some leadership in good governance. Well done Mr. Aylward.

Shawn Landon,

Murray Harbour

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