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LETTER: Muslims to lead by moral suasion

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Ramadan is nearing the end for this year. The Eid al Fitr, which is a celebration at the end of Ramadan, is a perfect time for members of one of the world’s largest religious groups to give praise for God’s good graces.

Recently there has been criticism of a brief article that I wrote on behalf of my wife Nouzha in Letters to the Editor. The criticism itself is fantastic for it has brought to the public some thoughtful responses; but the writers have missed the point (I think) of my complaint; and that is the Muslim population should be speaking out more often on the positive accomplishments, and the very purpose and fabric of the faith.

Most people in our community have no idea what Ramadan is about, and explaining it, and the Eid would be an excellent step. While it is true that we do not ask Jews and Christians to explain their religions I think Muslims should, precisely because of the terrible deeds carried out by fanatics of this faith.

The Koran supports the faithful and is the backbone of it, and yet unless you are studying comparative religions most of us are unaware of the basic tenets of this holy work. While I do not believe Muslims should be “singled out” as one writer has claimed, I do think Muslims should go a little further to dispel misunderstanding and should be prepared to put the extremists in perspective.

Murray and Nouzha Sallis,

Central Bedeque

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