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LETTER: Karma awaits daffodil's killer

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Some people can think of no one but themselves, with no consideration for how their actions affect others.

Be it the people who quad or snowmobile through farmers’ fields, causing thousands in damages; or the neighbour who makes so much noise every day, you’d rather live in an industrial zone; or the common vandals and their love of destroying property. With all these people, it’s all about them.

I planted daffodils at the end of the driveway on Rattenbury Road in North Granville for everyone to enjoy. They are visible enough that over the years, the province roadside mower has never cut them down.

Yesterday, I noticed the tracks of a lawn tractor going down the side of the road. The tracks got to within 20 feet of the daffodils and suddenly swerved away from the side of the road and straight through the clumps of daffodils on either side of the driveway. The tracks then swerved back out to the side of the road again.

Whatever dim light bulb went off in this person’s head must have brightened a little by flattening a few daffodil plants.

Perhaps it's now burning so brightly, it may cause injury.

Karma, my friend.

Henry Wilkinson,

North Granville

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