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LETTER: Ignoring stop signs very real problem

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I would like to comment on the complaint some residents made recently about motorists speeding and going through stop signs on Orlebar St. I live on Orlebar as well, near Alexander St., but haven’t really noticed a problem with speeding except for the odd instance, which happens on any street.

There definitely is a problem, though, with drivers ignoring stop signs. This is especially dangerous at the intersection of Orlebar and Gerald St., which has four-way stop signs. Both streets are quite narrow with very limited sight lines at this intersection.

It’s a different story, though, with the three-way stop signs located at Orlebar and Alexander streets. Alexander is a short street which ends at Orlebar. Here, the sight lines are very good. In this case Orlebar is a through street, so I’m not sure why there is even a stop sign there. It practically invites motorists, if not to come to a full stop, just to slow down as they breeze through. The initial complaints called for more enforcement by police and, co-incidentally, an unmarked and older model police car was seen a week later stopping an offending driver on Orlebar. So be warned.

David MacCallum,


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