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LETTER: Going it alone only step left?

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I am compelled to write this letter to bring about awareness of the fact that P.E.I. is the only province that still does not have a child advocate.

As a victim of child sexual abuse, I am heartbroken that we have not taken the steps necessary to change one of the greatest injustices we can do to our children.

I have been an advocate for child victims for 25 years. I was asked to participate in 2014 round table discussions to draft legislation for the new Canadian Victims of Crime Bill of rights which is now been law for three years.

I have spoken to the child and youth advocate for N.B. Norm Bossey and he has written to the leaders of the Liberal, Conservative, and Green Party’s and has offered his help in the area’s of legislation, and formation of a Child Advocate office for P.E.I.

He’s expert opinion in that this can be done for $500,000 with a staff of six people if we use current government owned office space and legislation already enacted in other provinces.

Child victims are asking all Islanders to contact their MLA’s to encourage them to do the right thing and form a child advocate office for P.E.I.

If this does not happen in the very near future, then we will have no choice other than to ask our federal justice system to rule on whether we can form our child advocate without approval from our local government.

Mike Avery,

Fort Augustus

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