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LETTER: Disregard of electoral reform

Voting. (File image)
Voting. (File image)

It seems truly unfortunate Her Majesty’s loyal opposition fault the current P.E.I. premier for claiming the cost of accommodations in New Brunswick.

So what if he was not there on government business (for I find no precedent for his attending a fellow premier’s wedding to constitute carrying out the work of any elected official). Surely the meager cost could be taken into consideration even if the principle seems suspect?

Far more serious is the disregard shown to the referendum on the electoral reform, and not merely because of the higher cost yet another ballot will make necessary.

The electors have spoken: their will must be obeyed, not the whim or preference of any elected official, regardless of rank.

Unless our democracy has become a dictatorship.

Vox populi, vox dei.

P.S. I am truly heartened that many of my fellow citizens share this view, as you have rightly noted.

Colman O’Hare,

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