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LETTER: D-Day anniversary lacks coverage

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D-Day happened June 6, 1944. For those unfamiliar with D-day it was the beginning of the Allied assault into fortress Europe under the control of Adolf Hitler of Nazi Germany that led to the end of the Second World War.

As far as I can tell there was no coverage of this momentous day in any of our Island media. I will also point out that on this day it may have been appropriate for our schools to have taken 10 or 20 minutes to enlighten students that their freedom was paid for by untold members of the Allied forces who died or were wounded in this war.

The assault and two more years of war freed many nations that had been under the Nazi yoke since 1939. In that time, the incomplete record of civilians killed because of their religion, disabilities, members of societies deemed inferior to Germans, Gypsies, Roma's, and homosexuals, exceeded six million souls.

Why remember this day? The cost of freedom is not cheap. We can pray as we wish. We can criticize our politicians. We have freedom of education and language. We have freedom of choice in many things that would not have been possible if Hitler and his goons had continued as they were.

Maybe next year our media will remember in some small way that freedom of the press was won on D-Day and after.

Lloyd C. McKenna,


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