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LETTER: Comments offensive

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Re: “Hysteria is not history,” (The Guardian, March 15):

Why would anyone care what Jim Hornby has to say? Why are his views even published in The Guardian?

Indeed, this is the same person who only a few months ago called for the Island militia to be utilized against the Mi’kmaq of P.E.I.

over the Amherst controversy. He didn’t even bother to apologize for these despicable and hateful comments. So, he has absolutely zero credibility on matters involving Indigenous peoples on P.E.I.

In his most recent screed, I’m wondering if there is anyone left who hasn’t been offended by his offensive words. According to his

interpretation of history, one would think that our First peoples in Canada were the perpetrators of the lion’s share of the violence involving Indigenous and the white settler population. Sorry. You’re dead wrong.

He then goes on to dismiss the #metoomovement and women who have been sexually assaulted without even blinking an eye. Evidently, Residential School survivors in Canada should also be grateful for Sir John A. Macdonald. Wow. And I won’t even respond to his offensive slave-trading remarks.

Peter McKenna,

Professor and Chair,

Department of Political Science,

University of Prince Edward Island

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