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LETTER: Christmas wishes for P.E.I. premier

Letters to the editor
Letters to the editor - SaltWire Network

To Premier Wade MacLauchlan: We all know you are an intelligent guy and you run the place pretty well. But there are issues I want to table

- Plastic bags and other plastics. The stores are usually supplying bags free or at a 5-cent charge. I see people daily with 10 plastic bags and only 30 per cent are recycled. This is a fairly uncomplicated suggestion Just do it.

- Tell the RCMP and suggest to all local police departments enforce bicycle helmet laws. I cannot understand why the police do not fine people and kids who do not wear them. We all wear seat belts sensibly.

- Government waste. Start with pens and pencils. Issue three of each to employees and then they must buy their own. Most employees have 25 at home in a cup. Enough.

- Reduce the number of directors; have managers report to the deputy ministers. I am not kidding.

- Daylight saving. Lead the premiers into an agreement to stop this silly system.

- Visit the departments. Drop in and show the workers you care.

When you were elected premier, I felt great. Thought you would be open and transparent but the PNP mess and egaming and bypasses are not transparent. Please investigate and let the chips fall wherever.

Never heard you mention and criticize the federal $500,000,000 budget for the 150th anniversary celebrations.

Come on Wade, I know you can do it. You have the power to make an impact. Have a great day.

Bruce Garrity,



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