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LETTER: Charlottetown needs a 'common sense' law

Charlottetown City Hall.
Charlottetown City Hall. - FILE

I see that Mr. Tim Banks (our own version of 'Little Jack Horner') has modestly announced that IRAC has granted him permission to build an apartment/condominium that he wouldn't live in himself. Not enough parking, and so close to the next apartments that barbecue lovers can pass the ketchup from one balcony to another. No matter — it's legal.

Saw the strangest thing the other day — a man was walking his pet cow (on a leash) on the boardwalk. Seems there's no law against it. In fact, it might have been a pet horse — my eyes grow dim — anyway, no law against that either. The only law seems to be that you have to pick up your dog's poop. But since he didn't have a dog — no harm, no foul.

Did you know that a full-grown rat can squeeze through a hole the size of a quarter? If he can find one. Often, in common usage, a 'loop-hole'. Interesting origin to that word — and an interesting meaning today. Especially if you have enough lawyers.

My point? It's impossible to pass a law about everything. Perhaps we could, municipally and provincially, pass a 'common-sense law'. If, say, a project were presented, meeting all present legislation, it could then be discussed as to whether this project actually makes sense, or just goes against 'common sense'.

It reminds me of the joke: " For sale: Puppies - offspring of a highly-pedigreed award-winning dog and one that can jump extremely high fences". All legal.

Imagine a 'common sense law'.

What will they think of next? Exactly.

Gary Walker


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