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LETTER: Cats have rights

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Lately, there has been a lot of talk about keeping your cats indoors to stop them from killing birds. I get it, we have to protect birds. I am an activist who is doing what I can to help save the planet and its species.

However, cats are hunters and they love the outdoors. Many summer days I can find my cat lying on her back on the grass absorbing the warmth of the sun, looking at the sky and chasing bugs.

I have come to realize that if your cat is well fed, she does not need to hunt. I try to make sure that before she goes outside, she has had something to eat, then I noticed she does not hunt when she is not hungry.

It is we humans that have domesticated cats and brought them indoors.

Humans kill many species and animals, are we going to keep humans inside as well because we might kill a mosquito that is biting our arm?

Cats have rights, too. They need to live their lives like it was meant to be. I will not imprison my cat!

Anne Gallant,


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