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LETTER: Birds, trees go missing

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On the Cochons Islands in the southern Indian ocean, the largest king penguin colony on earth has collapsed 90 per cent in the past 38 years to 60,000 breeding pairs. The colony collapse was discovered by satellite imagery and French airborne overflights as the Cochons Islands are uninhabited by humans. The French are sending an expedition in April 2019 to investigate. Lack of food due to warming ocean currents is suspected as causing the king penguin colony collapse.
In the 1990s there were flocks of 40 to 50 great blue herons that would fly from Savage Harbor to the Hillsborough River and Tracadie Bay. Today you seldom see any herons. The great blue heron is the provincial bird. The main tourist drive through Cavendish use to be called Blue Heron Drive. On P.E.I., what has caused the great blue heron colony collapse?
Around 1997 tree felling machines, which could cut 40 cords per day, were employed in deforesting P.E.I., with similar activity taking place around the Gulf of St. Lawrence. During the winter of 2000 the Gulf of St. Lawrence did not freeze over – first time ever. By altering the albedo of the Atlantic provinces, land and sea, the radiation balance of the Atlantic region has been changed.
Climate change is big science, bigger and deadlier than the Manhattan project which ended in the atomic fire bombs of Project Alberta. When will this political deception and unspeakable killing stop?

Tony Lloyd,
Mount Stewart

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