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OPINION: Who is the pro-life movement?

Pat Wiedemer

Guest Opinion

Recently, members of the P.E.I. Right to Life and others have received threats of violence, which are unacceptable under any circumstance. Since our recent March for Life, things have been written to misalign the pro-life position, and we offer clarification of who we are and what we represent.

Pro-life is just that, we are pro-life. We cherish life in all its aspects and promote love of life by promoting a culture of life. We believe every baby has a right to be born. We believe that every Canadian should have excellent medical access and care throughout one’s life, especially access to a family doctor. We believe in fair wages, affordable housing and school lunch programs. We also believe in being good stewards of the Earth for upon it all life depends.

Our pro-life organization and its members work in many capacities to assist the poor, the homeless, the underfed, the addicted and yes, in particular, pregnant women, unborn babies and born babies. We believe in protecting each other from violence and especially by strengthening laws and values against rape and sexual crimes. We promote support for mothers and fathers and families, for single parents, for adoption and making adoption more affordable and accessible. We work on these things individually and collectively by promoting a legal framework to support a culture of life. We do this because every life is valuable and life itself is a miracle to be cherished.

We strongly oppose the dehumanization of life and work against a tide of issues which do not recognize the uniqueness of each God-created human individual. Many babies are aborted because they are female – we oppose this. Many babies are aborted because of perceived finances or lifestyle choices, and we oppose this. Many babies are aborted because of an anticipated “diseased” state – we oppose this. If disease was a crime punishable by death, society would not have enjoyed, among others, this generation’s greatest scientist Stephen Hawking or Canadian hero Terry Fox or American poet Mattie Stepanek. The late, great Canadian and humanist Jean Vanier taught us that all humans are inherently disabled, and it is the dependence upon each other that makes us most human. Embracing the “disability” of each other is our call to the fullness of our humanity; not the denial of it in some false pretense of perfection.

Pro-lifers believe in compassion and support for each other when we are most vulnerable especially when we are being born, when we need support, when we are sick and when we are dying. We ask – if one is not human from conception to death, when then does one begin or stop being human?

We believe life is a precious and a holy gift that is to be cherished and shared. We believe every human being is sacred. We take human life seriously. We believe that the value of love, with all its kindness, compassion and sharing is the foundation upon which society should make its decisions. It really is all about love and, if our individual and collective decisions are made with love as a foundation, then one is naturally led to the pro-life position to cherish life in all its frailty, brilliance, diversity and challenges.

Pat Wiedemer is the executive director of the P.E.I. Right to Life Association.

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