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It’s quite simple, the man’s got “soul.”

What the heck does that mean, you may well ask. Well, it means he has the stuff of those who experience life in depth and authenticity. Elvis had soul. Muhammad Ali had soul. Pierre Elliott Trudeau. Louis Riel, Ghandi, Buffy St. Marie, my recently deceased good friend Cathy Gallant, my parents, Nina Simone, Lenny Cohen – do you get my drift?

The strength to be humble, built on a foundation of deep sensitivity to others, high spiritual awareness, integrity of morals, authenticity are all components of soulfulness.

We all have it but have lost much in these modern times. We have become less able to be so – the new ways now include the smallness of competition and suspicions – winners and losers, the Trump approach. Our nature has atrophied. We are no longer communal, helpful, optimistic, generous.

Wade is an old soul. To know him is to have met a friend. I thank him for helping to re-nurture soul into our island and its folks. I hope you sense the value and urgency to welcome his generous efforts into our future political and personal lives.

Please reward Wade with your vote – it will benefit us all.

P.S. I’m pro-MMPR.

John Vallentin


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