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LETTER: Group seeks adoptions inquiry

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The following letter was sent to Premier Wade MacLauchlan, Opposition Leader James Aylward and Green leader Peter Bevan-Baker.

“As you know, a special committee has been considering changes to the P.E.I. Adoption Act. In addition, a Senate committee has released its report on the abuses of the past.

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This report, entitled, ‘The Shame is Ours,’ speaks to the systematic abuse inflicted on women who were in many cases intimidated and bullied by those intent on removing their parental rights.

The group I chair has amassed compelling evidence that the basic rights of Island adoptees and their mothers were abused. Adult adoptees born on P.E.I. and mothers who lost their children to adoption on the Island have signed this letter. As we have seen with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, an essential part of the healing process is for those who continue to suffer

from their past mistreatment to be given an opportunity to tell their stories. Given the many unanswered questions, will you commit now that if you are elected to govern P.E.I., or if you hold the balance of power,

you will make it a priority to call (or have called) an independent Inquiry to look into all aspects of this issue, so that the victims have an opportunity to heal, and Islanders can be assured that the terrible mistakes of the past will never be repeated in future?

Our committee intends to publish your response and circulate it to our members.

I look forward to your response.”

Mary MacDonald,

on behalf of The Committee for Justice for Island Adoptees and their Mothers

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