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LETTER: Flu vaccine best protection

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Flu season is on the rise, and with it comes much skepticism about a vaccine -- just like every other year. There are many common beliefs against getting vaccinated, from, “it’s made me sick after I get it” to “I hate needles” and even “I’m healthy, so I don’t see why I should get it.” Everyone should be getting a flu shot, to not only protect them, but others around them as well. If you become infected with the virus it could mutate with your DNA, creating an entirely new virus that the vaccine isn’t able to protect against.

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According to the provincial government, in P.E.I. alone there were 132 residents hospitalized in the 2017-2018 season which was the highest number in years; 2011’s number showing only 11 and increasing through the years. There’s no proof of the shots being a source of illness because the vaccines are in fact made with a dead virus. This is injected into your body to make it think it’s been infected without actually infecting you so you can produce antibodies against the strain, in turn readying your immune system for the actual virus.

The probable reason people still believes it makes them sick is because the vaccine takes about two weeks to take effect. This means that whatever illness you believe was caused by the shot was most likely in your system before you were vaccinated.

This year, protect you and others from sickness by getting your flu shot.

Maria Lutz,

Souris Regional,

Grade 12

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