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CHEERS & JEERS: Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil

Western Hospital in Alberton
Western Hospital in Alberton - Contributed

The problem, Dr. Celliers, is that most people don’t know who you are, let alone know how to reach you.

JEERS: To Dr. Andre Celliers, executive director of medical affairs with Health P.E.I., for saying in an interview with CBC that he didn’t hear any complaints about the closure of Western Hospital in Alberton for eight days over the holidays. The problem, Dr. Celliers, is that most people don’t know who you are, let alone know how to reach you.

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The people of western Prince Edward Island are very concerned about the closure of their only emergency room. They watched services pulled from O’Leary and are fearful Alberton is next. It’s a situation which needs to be addressed, not minimized, by saying nobody raised an official concern. To the people of western, P.E.I., who would like to let Dr. Celliers know about their concerns, his email address is or cell (902) 368-6261

JEERS: To those citizens who ignore pleas not to wear scented products such as perfume and cologne which can aggravate health problems for some people. The plea is usually made when wakes or funerals are held but multiple chemical sensitivity doesn't stop there. It occurs in the workplace, at sports events, restaurants, etc. People with chemical sensitivity issues are also affected by clothes dried in a clothes dryer with scented fabric softeners. A little consideration goes a long way.

CHEERS: To the legacy of Dave MacDonald, the ex-mayor of Souris who died over the holidays following a stroke and heart attack on Christmas Eve. MacDonald taught a generation of students at Souris Consolidated, served as mayor of the town, was a pitcher in the Kings County Baseball League, became one of P.E.I.’s top softball umpires, was one of the top contract bridge players in the region, golfed at Rollo Bay Greens and had a vast knowledge of sports trivia. One of his favorite stories was out-duelling pitching legend Louie Murphy of Morell back in the 1960s. MacDonald led home town Fanning Brook to a 1-0 win in a KCBL game where he struck out more than 20 Morell batters on a one-hitter; while Murphy struck out 19, and gave up two hits in a losing effort.

CHEERS: To those Islanders who have the vision to embrace the adage that the only thing that is constant in this world is change. To those who don’t, perhaps they should attend a Clyde River Lecture Series on Saturday, Jan. 26th, where Rudy Croken will speak on the topic: “Are you for or against the automobile?” In the early part of the 20th century P.E.I. earned itself a dubious distinction when it opposed the introduction of the automobile. Anti-automobile meetings were held, including one in New Haven Hall in 1914 where people vowed to support no candidate for the legislature who would not promise to oppose the running of autos or grant them any more privileges of running on the country roads. A comparison could be drawn to groups today who oppose immigrants and newcomers, and changes in land ownership and the face of agriculture.

JEERS: To the state of public affairs when announced its 2018 Word of the Year was ‘misinformation.’ defines misinformation as “false information that is spread, regardless of whether there is intent to mislead.” Many in the news industry were not surprised because there was plenty of that going around last year. Newsrooms are working overtime to stop misinformation from spreading, and that is a sorry state of affairs indeed.

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