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CHEERS & JEERS: Team Canada '72 returns to Russia

Paul Henderson of Team Canada celebrates his game and series winning goal against the Soviet Union in Moscow in 1972.
Paul Henderson of Team Canada celebrates his game and series winning goal against the Soviet Union in Moscow in 1972.

CHEERS: To Team Canada ‘72, which returned to Russia last week to launch a new hockey exhibit celebrating the greatest hockey event in history.

Ten players from Team Canada '72, including Phil Esposito, Don Awrey, Jocelyn Guevremont, Dennis Hull, Brad Park, Wayne Cashman, Pete Mahovlich, Frank Mahovlich, Red Berenson and Pat Stapleton, were in Moscow to attend the opening of a major exhibit titled World Hockey Classic: USSR - Canada at the new Russian Museum of Hockey. They joined Tretiak, Yakushev, Gusev, Lutchenko, Lypkin, Mikhailov and other greats from the 1972 Soviet team who battled the Canadians 45 years ago. Team Canada '72 is one of the only teams to ever be inducted into Canada's Sports Hall of Fame. The eight-game series transfixed the entire nation, which went into delirium when Paul Henderson scored the game and series winner late in the final match in Moscow.

JEERS: To certain Christian groups for giving credence to another in the long list of calamitous biblical prophesy predictions for the coming end of the world. This time, “an historic breakthrough in biblical prophecy confirms the Great Sign of Revelation 12” will take place from Sept. 21-23 this week. Christian Newswire says this revelation is one of the hottest topics trending on Google this year. This grand celestial song and dance is set to occur September 21-23 in conjunction with the annual Jewish Feast of Trumpets (Rosh Hashanah). It has taken the world of biblical prophecy by storm, with many calling it the most prophetic event since May 14, 1948 when the modern State of Israel was reborn. “Thousands of websites, articles, books, videos, and Facebook groups have united the online Christian community worldwide in heralding the soon return of the Messiah.” All this does is cause worry and concern for the faithful and believers, and a chance to sell books and videos for false prophets and doomsday supporters. Come next Sunday, many will ask what all the fuss was about.


CHEERS: To the City of Charlottetown, which received a 5, Leaves -Silver rating and a special mention for Water Quality and Conservation Initiatives during the special 2017 symposium and awards ceremonies Saturday night in Ottawa associated with the Communities In Bloom program. Charlottetown participated in the Canada 150 category: a one-time special non-competitive category to provide communities with the opportunity to showcase achievements in greening their community and celebrate Canada’s 150th Anniversary. The judges wrote: “The Wright’s Pond Watershed Group is doing excellent work to rehabilitate the pond and associated wetlands. The group also nets and transports spawning fish from the creek below the weir, up and into the pond above the weir to assist the fish in their spawning migration. The establishment of a trail in the area further brings attention to the condition of the wetland. The City works to meter all residential water customers in helping to reduce the domestic use of water. At the same time, the additional waste water treatment is helping to improve the quality of the effluent discharged into the bay.”


CHEERS: To the P.E.I. government for increasing penalties for impaired driving, which came into effect over the weekend. The high numbers of impaired driving cases, which continue to flood Island courts, indicate that drivers who drink just don’t get the message. Amendments to the province’s Highway Traffic Act extend vehicle impoundments, increase some ignition interlock terms, add licence suspensions to a driving record, and toughen rules for younger drivers. As Transportation Minister Paula Biggar said, “Even though P.E.I. has the highest conviction rate and the harshest punishments for impaired drivers in Canada, there is always more we can do as a province to get to zero impaired driving incidents, zero injuries and zero collisions.” The changes are another step forward to improving safety on Island roads through education, enforcement, highway design, and legislation.

CHEERS: To Atlantic Beef Products Inc. (ABP), of Albany, which recently sent its first shipment of P.E.I. Certified Beef to the northeastern United States. The ABP team has been pursuing this new market for the past number of months with the assistance of partners, the P.E.I. Cattle Producers and the Food Island Partnership. Certified Island Beef has a reputation for distinctive taste and flavor that many chefs attribute to the traditional care exercised in raising beef by the small family farms and the unique environment of P.E.I. Three representatives from Colorado Boxed Beef Co., (CBBC), a U.S.-based beef distributor came to P.E.I. in June to tour the plant and local farms and were very impressed with the beef, the care beef producers take in raising the beef and the ABP plant. “Our customers are looking for high quality beef, raised in a sustainable manner and we think we have found a unique product with a great story in P.E.I.,” says a CBBC spokesman.



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