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SUV catches fire in Charlottetown

An SUV catches fire in Charlottetown.
An SUV catches fire in Charlottetown. - Contributed

Members of the Charlottetown fire department successfully extinguished a vehicle that caught fire near Value Village Tuesday afternoon.

Fire inspector Kent Mitchell said the vehicle’s sole occupant noticed smoke coming from around the console, so he pulled over and flames appeared.

The driver, a Charlottetown man, then went to a nearby construction site to borrow fire extinguishers and tried to use them on the flames, to no avail.

“He tried two or three extinguishers on the car, but couldn’t (put it out),” Mitchell said. “It was just too much fire at that time to extinguish.”

By the time firefighters arrived, the SUV was “fully involved,” but they were able to put out the fire.

No one was injured during the incident and the cause of the fire is under investigation.

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