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Search pays off for Toronto man who finds birth parents in P.E.I.

John Harvey MacEwen. (File photo)
John Harvey MacEwen. (File photo)

The search has paid off for a Toronto man born in Charlottetown in 1978 who has been looking for his birth parents.

John Harvey MacEwen, 39, turned to The Guardian last month in the hopes that an article would help. He wanted to let them know that he was grateful to his natural parents for the choice they made, for giving him a second chance with a new family.

“The morning the article was posted, we were flooded with notes and texts from friends and family who saw it and were actively sharing it,’’ MacEwen’s wife, Christina Cleveland, said in an email. “It was incredible how quickly word spread. John received a number of emails (with) some leads (with) others sharing their own experiences and several more sharing their best wishes to him in his search.’’

Cleveland said the couple was overwhelmed at the outpouring but many of the leads they had didn’t pan out.

Then, a little more than a week ago MacEwen received a call from the social worker he’s been working with.

“The article was shared with his birth mother through a friend or family member and, as a result, she reached out to the P.E.I. Child and Family Services,’’ Cleveland said.

“I would like them to know that their choice was a good choice from my perspective . . . I’ve always had everything that I wanted.’’
-John Harvey MacEwen

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MacEwen told The Guardian on Monday that he and his birth mother have been in contact with each other via email. He declined to identify the woman, explaining that his birth mother is very sensitive about media attention at this time.

“Things have been positive but cautiously positive,’’ MacEwen said, adding that the two are taking things very slowly for now.

In an earlier interview, MacEwen said that he’s searching for closure, especially now that he has a six-year-old son. Somewhere, someone has the same eyes they do, the same hands.

He filed a request two years ago with P.E.I. Child and Family Services and received a letter that gave him some insight into his birth parents.

He was born at the Prince Edward Hospital in Charlottetown on April 21, 1978, under the name Blair Anthony, weighing six pounds, 7.5 ounces. His case was handled by the Protestant Family Services Bureau.

He was adopted in Alberton and then moved to Summerside as a teenager.

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MacEwen was adopted by Anne and Harvey MacEwen who have been completely supportive of their son’s search

He made his initial attempt to find his birth parents when he was 18 but things didn’t go well and he didn’t resume the search until now.

He said on Monday he’s happy he did.

“I would like them to know that their choice was a good choice from my perspective . . . I’ve always had everything that I wanted.’’

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