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Highlights of the 2019-20 Nova Scotia provincial budget

HALIFAX — Highlights of the 2019-20 Nova Scotia budget introduced Tuesday:

- A surplus of $33.6 million is projected on a spending program of about $11 billion, with a $15.3-billion debt.

- Federal contributions to the province are projected to go up $178 million compared to this fiscal year, with Ottawa's transfers and equalization making up about one third of revenues.

- The government's biggest spending increase is $157 million in capital grants for refurbishment of hospitals in Cape Breton and Halifax.

- The new health spending also includes $16.8 million for home care and an added $10 million on collaborative health centres to help relieve family doctor shortages.

- The budget includes a small increase of $14.2 million for programs that support adults and children with disabilities.

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