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Driver takes off in wrong car, fuels it up and then returns it to rightful owner

HALIFAX — It was a case of automotive mistaken identity involving an inattentive driver and a friendly settlement of fuel.

Halifax RCMP say they received a call Sunday evening from a person who went into a business in Hammonds Plains, N.S., and came out to find their car gone.

The motorist had parked next to a car that matched theirs.

When the driver of the other car came out of a business at the same spot, they climbed into the wrong vehicle and drove off.

The driver filled up the car with gas and only then realized they were in the wrong car.

Police say the driver returned the car to its rightful owner — and the pair even settled up for the fuel.

"Although it doesn't appear either vehicle was left running, it serves as a reminder that vehicle thefts do occur during the winter months when vehicles are left running and unattended," RCMP said in a release Monday.

"Therefore, RCMP remind motorists to ensure your vehicle is secured at all times and not left running when you are not in it."

The Canadian Press

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